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Data Processing and Mining with Dynamo for Civil 3D

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    As we integrate digital exchanges into our daily workflows and delivery processes, we need to maintain a good handle on the data associated with our digital assets and files. By continuously analyzing our models and data, not only are we able to maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity, but we are also ensuring that our models and data are suitable for downstream uses. Dynamo and scripting within Civil 3D software can play a key role in the creation, management, quality control, and delivery processes throughout the design lifecycle. In this session, we'll explore several ways design teams can extract, analyze, and react to the data being mined from our Civil 3D models, and set us up for future success along the way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn techniques for extracting and analyzing data from Civil 3D models to make informed decisions.
    • Learn about using Dynamo and scripting tools to automate tasks and streamline design processes in Civil 3D.
    • Learn how continuous analysis of models and data enhances efficiency and productivity in civil engineering projects.
    • Discover the significance of data mining in Civil 3D models for downstream uses and future success in design projects.