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Customizing Fusion 360 Using Its Programming Interface

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    By writing programs using Fusion 360 software’s Application Programming Interface (API), you can customize Fusion 360 software to more efficiently accomplish the tasks you need it to do. You can also create new applications that can be provided to Fusion 360 software users through the Autodesk Exchange Store. This class will begin with the basics by looking at how you can write a program in either JavaScript API or Python software, but then will focus on using Python by looking at the basic syntax and statements you’ll need in most programs and discovering how to debug your Python programs. The class then will dive into Fusion 360 software’s programming interface where its core principles are described and demonstrated. Finally, we’ll discuss the more advanced topic of creating custom commands.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create Fusion 360 programs using Python
    • Discover the core principles of the Fusion 360 API
    • Learn how to use the documentation to understand the Fusion 360 object model
    • Learn how to create custom Fusion commands