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Custom Reporting in Vault 2019: Dress Up Your Vault Data to Meet the World
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Vault 2019 software includes an updated version of the Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime for its own reporting and data visualization. This class will show you how to take advantage of this very powerful capability for your own reports and visualizations. We will show you how to generate high-quality representations of your vaulted data inside either Vault Data Standard user interface or in your Vault Client as Explorer extensions. We will show how to query data from Vault software and pass it to the reporting engine. Then we will show how to present the reports interactively to the user and how to publish them as PDFs or images programmatically. Finally, we will have a brief look at cloud-based reporting tools that you can also use to show your Vault data in its best light.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to programmatically query report data and pass it to a report engine
  • Learn how to show rendered reports in custom Vault Explorer extensions
  • Learn how to programmatically render reports and save them as PDFs
  • Learn how to embed cloud-based reports to custom Vault Explorer extensions



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