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Current and Future Reality Capture Practices in Media and Entertainment

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    Creating photorealistic digital assets is key to increasing the realism of today's games and movies today. Could it also be important for decors, natural scenes, samples, faces, bodies, or props? There is a fast-growing demand to bring the as-built or as-existing reality into the production pipeline. Some advanced production houses have embraced reality capture technologies, and they already use photos, videos, or lasers to capture reality. The Autodesk Reality Capture Group has developed tools that make these technologies easier to use. Come and discuss your needs for reality capture, and see how you can benefit by using these new tools to create your own digital assets for use in your own production environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Take photos or video to a 3D model
    • Merge laser scans, photos, and videos in the same 3D scene
    • Use reality capture technologies for games and movies
    • List reality capture tips and tricks