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Hands-on lab    GEN20552-L
Create Compelling 2D Sections, Details, and Auxiliary Views from AutoCAD 3D Models
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This intermediate-to-advanced hands-on lab offers AutoCAD 3D software veterans a chance to explore the 2D model documentation of 3D models from AutoCAD 2017 software. After creating base views and projected views from 3D solid or surface models, we’ll explore sectional views. Using 3D models, we will create full, half, offset, and aligned sectional drawing views. We will create circular and rectangular detail views. We will explore editing techniques of the 3D models and update the derived drawing views. We will also explore undocumented Auxiliary View features. If you used AutoCAD 3D software in the past to create 2D multiview drawings from 3D models, attend this class and get ready to be surprised. This session features AutoCAD, AutoCAD 360, and AutoCAD Mechanical.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create drawing views of AutoCAD 3D models for drawing 2D sections and details
  • Learn how to create drawing views of AutoCAD 3D models for drawing 2D details
  • Learn how to edit 3D models and their 2D associated drawing views
  • Learn how to create undocumented Auxiliary Views from AutoCAD 3D models



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