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Lecture    CI3217-P
Connecting the Dots Is for Kids: Advanced Survey Workflows in AutoCAD Civil 3D
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Collection and processing of survey data is a crucial foundation to any transportation project. Management and use of this data can be a tedious, segmented, and error-prone process. This is where AutoCAD Civil 3D software comes in. Come and learn about developing your own custom survey workflow and setup in Civil 3D. Learn about the automatic linework functions in Civil 3D, cutting down your post-survey processing time to a fraction of what it was before. Understand the integration of all the background elements, such as the figure prefix databases and description key sets. This class sends you on your way to truly efficient survey workflows. Once your setup is in place you will see monumental changes in your production, standardization of your surveying processes, and flexibility with your survey data like never before.

Key Learnings

  • Develop a custom survey workflow with survey database tools
  • Effectively standardize surveying practices and workflows to improve efficiency and overall quality of deliverables
  • Efficiently and safely manage survey data
  • Drastically reduce drafting time using the automatic linework functions in Civil 3D


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