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Connected approach to designing plastic with Autodesk PDM collection

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    Design is rarely a perfectly linear and straightforward process. Often a single tool cannot accommodate all the workflows and even when it does, it is rarely the right fit. By leveraging the different tools within the Autodesk PDM collection (Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Desktop connector), designers and engineers can now design, make and collaborate on products to reduce the lead time faced in today's manufacturing. This course will cover the complete workflow when designing parts for formative manufacturing - Injection molding. From making a mold in Inventor to validating your part for Injection molding in Fusion 360, the Autodesk PDM collection helps you connect these workflows right on your Desktop using Fusion 360 desktop connector.

    Key Learnings

    • Demonstrate and apply rules in design for Injection molding
    • Explain and demonstrate knowledge of Fusion 360 Injection molding simulation and Inventor Mold design
    • Learn ways to reduce lead time when designing and manufacturing with Injection molding
    • Connect plastic design workflow with Fusion360 desktop connector