The Connected Future: How Technology Is Accelerating Change
Leadership Forum Lecture    LF5328
Kathleen Maher
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A variety of business trends have emerged in the past few years, including collaboration and co-creation, big data, the transformation of products into services, and sustainable design. New technologies are increasing the ability for businesses to connect together to take advantage of these trends, which is leading to accelerated adoption.

Key Learnings

  • List services you can add to product offerings
  • List key technology trends
  • Describe how to take advantage of these trends
  • Describe opportunities for business transformation


 Kathleen Maher
Kathleen Maher
Kathleen Maher is an experienced analyst tracking content creation and design software. Maher is the Editor-in-Chief of JPR's TechWatch Report, one of the most respected insider reports published today. She is the author of several well received reports including the 3D Modeling and Animation Report, The CAD Report, and also reports on video animation, print, and audio software. She a Contributing Editor for Computer Graphics World, a frequent contributor to Connect Press, and a contributor to the "Handbook of Visual Display Technology" (2011).

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