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Connect Vault in Real-time with ERP and PLM

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    Accurate transfer of Bill of Materials (BOM) data is a critical step in the design-to-production process. However, manually transferring this data to the ERP system can be time-consuming and error-prone. powerGate streamlines this process by providing a tool that enables precise and efficient transfer of BOM data to your ERP system, reducing the risk of errors and improving your business processes. powerGate offers an end-to-end integration between Vault and ERP, setting itself apart with its real-time live connection. This innovative feature allows for a seamless BOM data transfer and a two-way communication, providing instant feedback to users. With a strong focus on data quality and governance, powerGate prioritizes automation and workflow optimization to streamline processes. Its scalability and exceptional performance empower organizations to effectively handle large volumes of data and support their growth

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how BOMs can be automatically and accurately transferred from Inventor/Vault to any ERP system
    • Learn what a live and two-way Vault-ERP connection can do for your business