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Lecture    CI3062
Conceptualizing Roundabout Designs and Trying Out Multiple Solutions
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Conceptualizing roundabout designs and trying out multiple, possible design solutions is a key stage in any roundabout design project. Whether you are an independent designer who is providing specialized skills as subcontractor, a leading consultancy provider who is responding to a competitive tender, or a public agency that is managing an intersection design project, the responsibility to deliver a quality and cost-effective design is ever present. The biggest challenge for all involved is more often than not funding and cost, rather than geometry or engineering related. Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2014 software integrated with AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software not only manages data better by incorporating accepted workflows but also fits funding models and brings the viability of producing high-quality 3D models into the hands of all designers by fast tracking them into a detailed design stage where the real engineering work can be explored.

Key Learnings

  • Consider the time required to derive conceptual roundabout designs
  • Describe the requirements for a competitive bid response
  • Benchmark current roundabout design tools
  • Identify potential roundabout design project pitfalls



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