Lecture    MD6886
From Concept to Manufacturing: Improve Your Effectiveness Across the Supply Chain
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You're a part of the Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform and you're asking yourself, 'What else works with the Autodesk 360 platform? What else is available with the Autodesk 360 platform that I am not aware of?' In this class we will give a high-level overview of how the Autodesk 360 services and products collaborate with manufacturing products such as Inventor software, Solidworks software, and Catia software, to name a few. We will demonstrate the integration between the Fusion 360 3D CAD design app and the Autodesk 360 platform, and we'll examine how these products interact to provide a complete solution for the manufacturing world.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the world of Autodesk 360 services and products
  • Discover what the Autodesk 360 platform offers
  • Learn how the Fusion 360 app interacts with the Autodesk 360 platform
  • Learn how the Autodesk 360 platform supports other design software like Inventor software, SolidWorks software, and Catia software



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