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Collaboration between Inventor & Fusion 360 within Vault Prof. environments

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    Autodesk Fusion 360 has rapidly arrived in deeply integrated Autodesk Vault & Inventor enterprise environments. Entire departments and suppliers often strategically align their complete designs on Fusion 360. The new challenge for CAD Managers is to find ways on how Fusion 360 data can be integrated into Inventor data is managed in Autodesk Vault Professional. This class will focus on collaboration ways to complement vault-managed Inventor datasets with Fusion 360 designs. Given the growing Fusion 360 usage and the existence of complex Fusion datasets we’ll also cover the Inventor integration into Fusion 360. New and known Autodesk Vault capabilities to smoothly facilitate collaboration workflows will CAD Managers provide approaches to be well-prepared for desktop and cloud-based data management.

    Key Learnings

    • Integrating Fusion 360 designs into Inventor datasets are managed by Vault Professional
    • Integrating Vault-managed Inventor data into Fusion 360 platform capabilities
    • Increasing seamless collaboration by using latest Vault Professional technologies
    • Working with design data between desktop Autodesk products and cloud-based services