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Cloud Migration and Implementation: A Case Study

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    Join Adam Glass from Advance2000 and Michael McCaslin from Lanier and Associates, based in New Orleans, as they highlight the benefits, pitfalls and successes firms can experience when partnering with a cloud provider. As the workplace or “Cloud Space '' continues to grow and evolve; Architecture, Engineering, Design and Construction firms are experiencing real tangible benefits. Real-time collaboration, unlimited scalability, global mobility and increased security after migrating to a cloud infrastructure. These case studies will walk you through their migration, struggles, and overall successes with the cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Reasons why a design firm will be more collaborative by migrating their firm to a private cloud infrastructure.
    • The pitfalls to learn from when migrating your firm to a cloud environment.
    • Security: The lessons we have learned and why the cloud has increased our security posture.
    • Financial benefits and gains by migrating to the cloud will be discussed.