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Civil 3D + Generative Design = The Corridor Optimizer!

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    We all understand the power Civil 3D brings when creating roadway corridors. How about the efficiency Dynamo adds? Now add in the Generative Design functionality to your corridors, and you have something worth sharing with the community! Using out-of-the-box Civil 3D functionality, we've created a monster! That's right, we've created The Corridor Optimizer! Instead of building a single corridor model, we create hundreds—even thousands—of corridors, in search of THE corridor alternative. With every corridor created, we extract the quantities. Not just our end-area-based corridor quantities, but quantities representing the existing corridor elements that would be impacted by each of these thousand or so corridor alternatives. Once we have quantities, the real excitement begins! Input our pay item unit prices, and we generate costs. Input construction production rates, and we have a schedule! Carbon values? We have sustainability! Join us for this incredible story!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement Generative Design on your Civil 3D projects.
    • Discover how optimization can be your new "go to” tool in your project toolbox.
    • Learn how to generate valuable sustainability reports to help your clients' net-zero goals.
    • Learn about how Civil 3D and Generative Design will change your project outcomes and make measurable differences.