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The City of Vancouver, Autodesk, and Pitney Bowes Software: A Match Made in Business and Software

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    The City of Vancouver uses both Autodesk® applications and Pitney Bowes Software products extensively for creating and sharing 2D to 3D workflows, districtation, and other GIS, design, and infrastructure tasks. To date, Autodesk products have been used primarily for the design and maintenance of infrastructure and for 3D modeling and visualization, while Pitney Bowes Software MapInfo Professional® has been used for analysis on urban planning projects. With the announcement of the strategic partnership between Autodesk and Pitney Bowes Software, the City is expecting to be able to integrate workflows and information much more easily than ever before. This class will provide an overview of how a range of products are being used together. We will outline specific workflows, focusing on how to take advantage of existing 2D GIS data and to work through the plan, design, build, and manage lifecycle of infrastructure, and to visualize that same data in 3D.

    Key Learnings

    • List ways to take advantage of existing GIS data in a 3D environment
    • Outline the steps that are required to manage the lifecycle of infrastructure
    • List the potential benefits of the Autodesk and Pitney-Bowes strategic partnership
    • Explain how interoperability can improve workflows from GIS to Building Information Modeling (BIM)