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Circular by Design: Computational Design for Regenerative Economies

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    This roundtable discussion will explore the power of computational design in promoting sustainable development. We'll provide practical knowledge of the tools and techniques used to implement circular design principles, and we'll evaluate the ethical and social implications of using data analytics and modeling to evaluate the environmental impact of design decisions. This topic highlights the importance of resource conservation and regeneration and promotes a more sustainable future. The concept of the circular economy has gained momentum in recent years as a more sustainable and efficient model for resource use. In this context, computational design has emerged as a key enabler of the circular economy by optimizing material usage and reducing waste.

    Key Learnings

    • Circular Design Strategy - How does computational design promote circular principles?
    • Data, Tools, and Techniques - What Tools, Techniques, and Data Would Enhance Your Design Decision-Making for the Circular Economy?
    • Regenerative Economies - How do you see computational design benefiting a circular economy and regenerative design in the future?
    • Challenges and Opportunities.