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Can we all speak the same language? How to ensure data exchange integrity

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    This class is all about defining a common way to exchange data between different authoring tools. In the era of big data and with the increased complexity of projects, how can we ensure that the transfer of design data is consistent and with no data loss? There are way many attempts to come up with a common strategy for the industry, the reality is that usually none of them is what we are looking for. Let’s have a look together at what is already available (Speckle, BHoM, etc.), maybe is already what you need, and come up with some semantic strategy to define the language that works for your company (or that has worked for AECOM). We will finish up with some best practice on how then create add-ins, Dynamo custom nodes, and repositories to support the data exchange and how to use the power of Autodesk Design Automation to create data driven models in a click!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the value of speaking the same design language
    • Leverage what the market already offers and learn how to extend it
    • Learn best practice in crating a new language that suites your company
    • Learn how to develop custom tools to support your data exchange