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Roundtable    VI5718-R
Building Render Farms in the Cloud— Using Amazon EC2 for On-Demand Rendering
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Not everyone can afford either the cost or infrastructure of a permanently installed server farm used for completing projects. This course will teach users the most effective methodologies for quickly creating a server farm (based on the Backburner application) using, Inc.'s, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers, which are paid on an on-demand basis. We will cover basic use of Amazon's system, and we will focus on how to configure specific parameters within the Backburner app so that rendering can run successfully on a virtualized on-demand network.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the basic operation of the Amazon EC2 control panel
  • Discover the differences between deploying the Backburner application locally and remotely
  • Learn how to troubleshoot issues between computers on the Amazon EC2 farm
  • Learn how to activate an entire farm on Amazon EC2 on demand


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