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Build Your Ideal Inventor: Modernize Inventor Experience with Us

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    We are inviting you to this participatory research session to innovate and shape the future of Inventor software—and really enhance your productivity. We will use several LUMA methods to facilitate our discussions. The class will begin with a “What’s on Your Radar” practice to help attendees discuss Inventor software problems and assign them with weights. Then attendees will generate wide-ranging ideas on those pieces with no constraints in a Creative Matrix practice given a short amount of time. We’ll pick some of the ideas combining with our own preprepared ideas for a “Buy a Feature” practice to identify the most valuable areas for the Inventor Team to focus on. The Inventor UX Team will facilitate the entire session. Attendees need only to free their minds and speak out what the ideal Inventor software could be. This session features Inventor Professional and Vault Professional.

    Key Learnings

    • Get to know the potential UX improvements in coming releases of Inventor
    • Participate in brainstorming with the Inventor Team to identify our focus areas for the next Inventor
    • Understand the rationale of potential UX change and address comments in ideation phase
    • Speak out about any of your ideal Inventor ideas