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Breaking Silos – Share Your Design Data Across Tools with Autodesk Data Exchange

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    Our industry's reliance on interoperability workflow hacks—such as app-specific import/export plug-ins, file formats with varying support across tools, and limited point-to-point translators—result in inconsistent data-sharing experiences that suck up time and require rework. Autodesk Data Exchange moves your disconnected workflows toward more-seamless cloud interoperability between the design tools you use every day, whether they be Autodesk tools (like Revit or Civil 3D software) or other apps (like Rhino). In this class, learn how you can use Data Exchange to curate, securely share, view, and manage design data across these apps and multiple stakeholders—with specific focus on Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, and Dynamo. We'll explore how Data Exchange simplifies data sharing between those tools for architects, landscape designers, and more, so your teams and stakeholders can stage on the same page with the latest data changes relevant to you, without sharing your entire design files.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how Autodesk Data Exchange can reduce interop hacks and empower teams to collaborate more easily across tools.
    • Learn to curate, securely share, view, and manage design data using Data Exchange across multiple stakeholders and apps.
    • Discover how Data Exchange streamlines concept design, coordination, and analysis workflows across tools like Revit and Rhino.
    • See demos of how customers improve interoperability and collaboration with Data Exchange between Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo.