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Break Through to More-Realistic Model Simulations with Fusion 360 Event Simulation

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    In this class, you will see how to use Fusion 360 Simulation software to create an Event Simulation workflow. You’ll learn that nonlinear concepts such as multibody contact, nonlinear elastic and plastic material behavior, and large deformations are straightforward and intuitive in Event Simulation. You do not have to be an expert in finite element analysis (FEA) to build and simulate realistic nonlinear models. You will discover the new automatic quasistatic analysis technique that’s built into Event Simulation and see that this new, fully explicit method vastly simplifies even the most-challenging nonlinear contact problems. You’ll learn to toggle between transient dynamic and quasistatic simulations with ease. The presentation of numerous example problems will show that challenging nonlinear simulation is now available to everyone.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to perform realistic simulations on multipart assemblies
    • Learn how to simulate static nonlinear contact problems
    • Learn how to perform transient impact dynamics of multibody models
    • Learn why nonlinear simulation is achievable for everyone