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Big Data + Human and Artificial Intelligence: The Design Value as a Service Future

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    Building and infrastructure design and engineering fees have continued to constrict even as projects become more complex with stricter delivery requirements. Several design and engineering firms are in the process of remaking parts of their company to create a new way to deliver projects: Design Value-as-a-service. This panel of (4) executives from ENR Top 15 design firms will discuss how they are leveraging standard/repeatable workflows, big data, and human and artificial intelligence through process automations to create a new delivery paradigm that will revolutionize the engineering and design industry. A lot of discovery work is being done on internal processes, data authoring, data processing, automation, and market analysis to determine how this may drive high quality project throughput at scale. Come see the future of the industry as it begins.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the Design as a Service Paradigm
    • Understand readiness criteria to support this change
    • Understand potential value of this change to all industry stakeholders
    • Understand the internal and external challenges to delivering projects under this paradigm