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Beyond Dynamo: The Powerful Automation Potential of Forge and the Revit API

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    We all love Dynamo. It introduces visual programming to our daily workflows and makes task automation accessible to nondevelopers. It's great for prototyping and testing. However, Revit macros and extensions and Forge APIs offer many automation opportunities that cannot be technically exposed through Dynamo. This class aims to help Revit and Dynamo users think outside the box by introducing real-case customer success scenarios in which these advanced and powerful Forge and Revit features have been implemented—proving that you can "Make Anything" with Forge and Revit when you explore both solutions deeply enough.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore automation opportunities not exposed through Dynamo
    • Learn about technical Revit API and Forge features that make automating the aforementioned cases possible
    • Explore real case scenarios where Dynamo nonexposed Revit API functionalities came to the rescue through add-ins and macros
    • Explore real use cases of Forge apps where additional Forge functionalities have been used to achieve an even better automation