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Become a Fusion 360 Volumetric Lattice Expert in 90 Minutes

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    Additive manufacturing has opened the doors to large scale production of geometry previously thought impossible. Today, the challenge isn't manufacturing; it's how to quickly and easily design products that can leverage the unique benefits of 3D printing. Thankfully, Autodesk is leading the industry with cutting edge implicit modeling tools that enable you to design better products more quickly, more easily and more affordably. In this hand-on lab, you'll dive deep into the world of volumetric lattice in Fusion 360 and how it enables you to design the product of your dreams. You'll start by learning the basics of how the technology works and how to lattice a sample part. Then, you will put your new skills into practice and lattice an actual part. After covering foundational skills, you will use intermediate methods to create more complex lattices with ease. Finally, you will explore advanced and even expert techniques that push the limits of what is possible. If you design or engineer consumer products and want to take your designs to the next level and beyond, this hands-on LAB is for you!

    Key Learnings

    • Basic: Apply a volumetric lattice to a part and control the cell size + offsets. Plus, apply a gradient density along a path
    • Intermediate: Apply different lattice structures to different bodies/components and merge together to create final geometry
    • Advanced: Leverage external bodies (solid, surface, mesh) and sketch geometry to create unique lattice "offsets"
    • Expert: Leverage "custom cell shape" to create new lattice patterns and "mirror component" to create new gradient patterns