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Barton Malow's Guide to Automated Project Creation in Autodesk Construction Cloud

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    Whether its preconstruction, design, or construction, the process of manually creating projects can be time consuming and prone to errors. There are many moving parts, stakeholders, and tasks that need to be coordinated and executed seamlessly to deliver a successful construction project. With Autodesk Construction Cloud, these manual workflows can be a thing of the past. Barton Malow has implemented streamlined automations and integrations between Autodesk Construction Cloud, SAP, and other software to truly get the most out of its data. Through automations and the collaborative partnership with Autodesk, we can consistently drive standardization across our project teams, enabling us to capture as much data as possible, avoid hours of rework, and optimize our business for the future. Learn how Barton Malow is investing in Autodesk Construction Cloud to help project teams become more technology-enabled to make better business decisions.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of standardization in large enterprise companies.
    • Learn about implementing automated project-creation workflows to streamline business for today and learn for tomorrow.
    • Learn how to evaluate the business ROI of automating project workflows at scale.
    • Visualize the future of work at Barton Malow and Autodesk Construction Cloud through a connected feedback-driven partnership.