Lecture    PL2818
BOMs in the Cloud with Autodesk® PLM 360
Hagay Dvir
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In this class, we will introduce you to the different types of bills of materials (BOMs) and show you how you can use Autodesk PLM 360 to manage them. We will discuss the different types of BOMs, such as engineering, manufacturing, and product, and how the different types will influence your solution. The class will also cover how different types of products, such as engineered-to-order, configured-to-order, or volume manufacturing, affect the BOMs. Finally, we will discuss how to get BOM data into Autodesk PLM 360 and how you can use it once it is there.

Key Learnings

  • Manage BOMs in Autodesk PLM 360
  • Describe how the product BOM relates to other elements of product lifecycle management
  • Explain the difference between engineering and product BOMs
  • Describe how engineering and product BOMs relate to each other and to other types of BOMs


 Hagay Dvir
Hagay Dvir
Hagay Dvir is a Product Manager with the PLM 360 product and is responsible for the development of advanced Engineering solutions based on the PLM 360 platform. His past experience include the implementation of PLM systems in large enterprises. One of the key areas that Hagay worked in is the consumption of Product Design by Manufacturing organization and the development of the Manufacturing Process Plan. "My main concern is to develop a BOM system that will be simple enough to use by anybody in the organization, yet capable enough to allow companies to represent and consume their BOMs in the most efficient way" Hagay received his MBA from Michigan State University, Computer Science degree from Tel-Aviv university, and Mechanical Engineering degree from the Technion.

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