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BIM in SNCFR digital transformation: Engineering, integration and operation

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    BIM is part of a broader dynamic of digital transformation of railways system operation. Therefore, the BIM implementation go further than BIM Modelling. Railways is a system of system that require to define from the need, operational concept and requirement. System requirement is shaping BIM goals. Railways system is made of multiples sub-systems, managed using various technology. Information flows between different tools, their traceability and validation are in fact critical for railways system integration. SNCF setup different initiative. The Minerve project is funding by French authority, lunched with main French railway players. It’s aimed to enable BIM requirement for railways subdomain. SNCF participate in IFC Rail project for interoperability between subdomain for system integration. SNCF working on overall railways system architecture to specify required railway’s function and information flow for system integration both in its geometric and functional dimension.

    Key Learnings

    • 1 - Understand the importance of railway requirements management in BIM use cases
    • 2- Understand the role of data and interoperability for rail systems integration
    • 3- Become aware of the importance of the place of data transfer in relation to geometry and CAD
    • 4- For software développer understand railways challenges for BIM software