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Automatic Feature-Based CAD Conversion into Inventor

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    International TechneGroup (ITI) is expert in CAD data interoperability, and the firm has partnered with Autodesk in order to help CAD users convert CAD data into Inventor software through an automated and accurate process. Specific market trends drive companies to change their CAD systems to Inventor software. Design teams may have invested years of effort and large amounts of resources into these legacy CAD designs; therefore, changing CAD systems and migrating valuable CAD data can be a painful process. Stakeholders’ biggest concerns when moving CAD data to Inventor include preserving intellectual properties, such as design intelligence, parametrics, and features. Join us to learn about the drivers and technology behind CAD conversion with GoToINVENTOR, a partnership between ITI and Autodesk. As well as explaining the technology behind automated CAD conversion, we will introduce you to GoToINVENTOR and show you how we can support your CAD conversion project in a fully automated process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about CAD data exchange options into Inventor.
    • Discover the technology behind automated CAD conversion and project processes.
    • Learn how to transfer CAD data from multiple CAD vendors into Inventor.
    • Learn how standardizing design on Inventor can be achieved.