Autodesk® Maya® Scripting: MEL™ and Python
Lecture    DG2567-P
Roland Reyer
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The script language MEL (Maya Embedded Language) is not only a feature of Autodesk Maya software, it is the foundation. Every function in Maya is a MEL command that can be accessed using menus, icons, buttons, marking menus, and other controls. In this class, we will cover MEL concepts, the possibilities and limitations of this scripting language, and the differences in the Maya API. We will work through some examples, and discuss the differences between MEL and Python and explain the advantages of using Python for Maya.

Key Learnings

  • List the differences between MEL and Python
  • Explain the limitations of MEL
  • Use basic MEL/Python commands
  • Write your own MEL scripts


 Roland Reyer
Roland Reyer
Roland Reyer has started in 1992 as an Application Engineer at Wavefront Technologies GmbH in Germany. He became an industry expert for the entire product portfolio of Wavefront Technologies, later Alias | Wavefront, Alias and finally Autodesk. In his role as an application specialist he tested, demonstrated and trained Maya from its very first version. With 20 years product and market experience, Roland now works at Autodesk as a Solutions Engineer for Maya, Maya Composite, Mudbox and Motionbuilder thoughout Europe.

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