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AutoCAD Plant 3D: Piping Specification Writing Workflows

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    The specs and catalogues provided with AutoCAD Plant 3D software are very good for a large number of users. However, there can often be a requirement for customization of these default specs if your design operation requirements include specs with vendor content; specs for fittings not included in default catalogues; specs for connection systems not included in default catalogues; specs using custom components; specs requiring metric dimensions in size descriptors; specs requiring metric weight data; and/or specs requiring visual realism. Come and learn how to develop specs for high-purity applications such as Tubepress; how to build components such as tap-in clamps, ladders, and sprinklers; and how to modify the 3D enumeration file to add custom body types such as flow meters, steam traps, expansion joints, and so on.

    Key Learnings

    • Clearly understand the potential of customized specs
    • Clearly understand the processes in the spec-writing workflow
    • Discover a tool set for outlining the tasks involved in writing sound customized specs
    • Understand the potential pitfalls and quirks within the spec-writing interfaces