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Architects Versus Engineers: The Project Showdown at the Autodesk University Corral!

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    Shaun Bryant (a.k.a “Mickey Gervais”) and David Butts (a.k.a “The Redneck Tech”) have decades of combined experience with AutoCAD software and Revit software in both the architecture and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) disciplines. Come and join them for “The Showdown,” where they host an industry talk about industry best practices for multidisciplinary, multiplatform projects that will help keep the face-offs between architects and engineers to a minimum. Enjoy the wisdom that will bring peace to the project workplace. Sharing the stage with them will be several well-known, world-class experts whose unrivalled expertise will delight you and educate you at the same time! Come on down and see if you need to “keep the peace” in your project team, and enjoy the banter as they discuss their pet peeves and how they solve them.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how architectural and MEP practices differ and how they can work together.
    • Learn numerous methods of working in multidisciplinary projects.
    • Discover tips and tricks for CAD and BIM projects that you simply did not know!
    • Walk away knowing that architects and engineers CAN work together.