Industry Talk    AS468771
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Convergence—and Why You Should Care
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Convergence is the next stage of digitization, leading to digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, and digital and physical assets; the reshaping of industry structures and markets; and entirely new combinations of products, services, and experiences. This class will explore the underlying causes and effects of convergence in more detail, and suggest how you can capitalize on convergence as an opportunity for innovation and growth. Moreover, this talk will highlight examples of how successful companies have capitalized on convergence as they made changes to their ways of making.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the definition, underlying drivers, and impact of the convergence trend.
  • Start building your own strategic responses to the convergence trends based on examples discussed in the talk.
  • Learn how Autodesk intends to support businesses seize opportunities as a result of convergence.
  • Gain a better understanding of how convergence impacts Autodesk's medium- and long-term vision.



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