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All You Do in One Platform—CAD to Nesting to CAM in Inventor

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    As a manufacturer of any product, you may like to turn your ideas into machined parts using a familiar interface. Manufacturing sheet metal models no longer has to be a difficult and challenging process involving multiple platforms. Using Inventor software as a single system, as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, you can complete the whole process with Inventor Nesting and Inventor CAM. With Inventor Nesting, you can optimize yield from flat raw material. Nesting studies also can be used to create and then update to reflect any changes to the design to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. After nesting, you can use Inventor CAM to create a computer numerical control (CNC) code that will ultimately turn Inventor designs into excellent finished parts. This class will share best practices for preparing your model, for using nesting to lay out cutting patterns and minimize raw material waste, and for generating a toolpath for machining.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to prepare your models for nesting and machining using Inventor, Inventor Nesting, and Inventor CAM
    • Learn how to set up a nesting environment to successfully bring the models in Inventor Nesting
    • Learn how to generate a 3D nesting model to be used for Inventor CAM
    • Learn how to produce a toolpath for machining in Inventor CAM