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Advancements in Workflows When Using Autodesk CFD for Aerodynamics Simulation

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    Autodesk CFD software has gone through dramatic advancements that cover every aspect of the typical workflow necessary to perform an aerodynamics analysis. We will examine new workflows available to capitalize on your CAD data using SimStudio Tools for CAD cleanup or surface wrapping to nearly eliminate any CAD preparation. We will then do a deep dive into the new turbulence models available and the best practices and which ones to use for aerodynamics simulations. We will touch on mesh adaption best practices for aerodynamics to reduce the typical meshing guesswork and increase solving efficiency for complex aerodynamics models. The demonstration will conclude with methods to accurately capture the wall force results to measure lift and drag on bodies using efficient techniques. This class is designed to present the latest and proven workflows to perform aerodynamics simulations to eliminate out-of-date inefficient and less-accurate workflows used in the past.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to capitalize on SimStudio Tools or Surface Wrapping for Simulation CFD to reach the desired simulation goals
    • Discover which advanced turbulence models should be used for aerodynamics analysis
    • Discover how best to implement new mesh adaption tools to eliminate the guess work from meshing complex aerodynamics models
    • Learn how to extract accurate steady state or transient wall force results efficiently from different areas of a complex model