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Advanced Research Developments for Plastic Injection Molding
Fin Caton-Rose, Franco Costa
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The Autodesk® Moldflow® product team and the University of Bradford have a long-standing collaboration investigating key injection molding effects such as fiber orientation, residual stresses, warpage, post-injection product performance, heat transfer, and feature replication. This class will focus on academic and industrially relevant components from the initial design phase, through production using both conventional- and micro-injection molding, to final product property assessment in terms of mechanical performance, geometric tolerances, and feature replication.

Key Learnings

  • Better predict the strength of any fiber-reinforced injection-molded part design
  • Select the most appropriate analysis route for product development
  • Describe best practices for in-house Moldflow analysis and subsequent finite element modeling
  • Explain the validity of analysis results with a view to final product performance


 Fin Caton-Rose
Fin Caton-Rose
Dr. Caton-Rose is now a senior lecturer at the University of Bradford Engineering School, acting as manager of the solid phase polymer processing research group and manager of the computer modeling research center. Dr Caton-Rose primarily works in the areas of fiber reinforced polymer composites, from injection molding through to final product properties, as well as the analysis and testing of polymers in the solid phase. She is currently running two projects in conjunction with Autodesk looking at improved fiber orientation predictions and the measurement of polymer deformation during solid phase testing. Dr. Caton-Rose has a PhD in the large strain deformation of polymer in the solid phase.

 Franco Costa
Franco Costa
Dr. Franco Costa is a Senior Research Leader for the Autodesk® DLS-Simulation group. Over 20 years with Autodesk Moldflow®, he has contributed to the technologies of 3-dimensional flow simulations, thermal analysis, crystallization analysis, structural analysis, final net part shape prediction and multi-physics for the plastic injection molding simulation industry. Starting with Autodesk Moldflow as a doctoral scholar, Franco has moved through roles as a research engineer, development team leader, and manager and now leads key strategic research projects for the Autodesk Simulation technology group. Franco has presented at academic conferences in the field of polymer processing, acts as a referee on international journals, and often presents overviews of Autodesk Moldflow research technology directions at Autodesk Moldflow user meetings. Franco is based in the Autodesk R&D Center in Melbourne, Australia

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