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Advanced Consumer Product Customization Techniques with Fusion 360 and Inventor

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    Let your customers unleash their inner rock star. Engineer to order has been done, but what about design to order? Learn how to create flexible complex designs driven from customer inputs. Increase efficiencies and margins using the sculpting tools in the Fusion 360 3D CAD design app and the automation capabilities of Inventor software. We use our startup, Orphanage Guitars, as a case study to illustrate how our customers are able to design their own custom carved-top electric guitars to their specifications in a matter of minutes. We let you behind the curtain, show our process, and discuss the pros and cons of alternative mass customization methods.

    Key Learnings

    • Harness the power and flexibility of the sculpting tools inside Fusion 360
    • Apply best practices when transferring data from Fusion 360 to Inventor software
    • List the pros and cons of different customization techniques with Inventor
    • Apply best practices for creating flexible organic models with Fusion 360