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Accelerating Your BoM from Design Through to Production

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    Learn how, through the use of the Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle platform, manufacturing companies are able to manage their BoM in a single, secure environment. Hear how this will help you to collaborate more effectively within your own organisation and with external third parties. Starting with the Inventor BoM we will demonstrate how it can be quickly and accurately published to Fusion Lifecycle and how we can then review or modify the BoM, compare it with previous versions, and submit it for approval before release to your ERP system. We will demonstrate how, through the use of third party tools, you can create a fully connected end-to-end solution and eliminate the errors and cost associated with manual data entry. This session features Autodesk’s Fusion Lifecycle (formerly PLM 360) solution.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the importance of accurate BoMs through the design and manufacturing process
    • Understand how Fusion Lifecycle can help you reduce mistakes and improve productivity
    • Identify the challenges in producing accurate BoM information without automation
    • Learn what tools and APIs are available to help ensure BoM accuracy by adding automation