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A Time Traveler's Suitcase: Building Future Readiness to Navigate the Unknown

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    Change is happening at breakneck speed. Getting blindsided by unexpected forces can be disastrous. How do foresight experts prepare their organizations to get ready for the future, seize opportunity, and mitigate risks? In this roundtable, Autodesk's Strategic Foresight team will help participants prepare to confront industry uncertainty. Participants will learn about key industry forces, and will discuss the drivers they're tracking in their sectors (e.g., next steps for machine learning, impacts of our aging populations, and knock-on effects of supply chain disruption). The moderator will share implications linked to each of these forces using a "suitcase of futures” containing fictional props that make possible circumstances feel vivid. Using these compounding forces, participants will learn to reverse-engineer preferred futures into concrete actions. Participants will leave the session with new foresight skills and information about forces that will help improve their future readiness.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and learn about applying core principles of strategic foresight so you can better confront uncertainties in your industry.
    • Explore key forces of change and surface industry impacts so you can improve your future readiness.
    • Analyze the compounding impacts of multiple forces of change so you can identify relevant opportunities and risks.
    • Learn about backcasting from preferrable outcomes so you can pinpoint concrete milestones for a more robust strategy.