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3ds Max Software Template-Based Workflows— For New and Part-Time Users
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This session will show several 3ds Max software workflows throughout the production pipeline that accommodate fast turnaround for new, part-time, and casual users, as well as for seasoned veterans who want to create beautiful static images or animations without an in-depth 'guru' knowledge of 3ds Max software. We will focus on features and workflows within 3ds Max software that help to speed up and/or automate different tasks. These tools and workflows usually require a much lower level of technical knowledge and effort than do those typically found in many other digital content creation packages, and they often alleviate the need for artists to have a technical director or custom development of any kind. Diving into a new 3D package can be intimidating. This session aims to remove this barrier to entry and enable people of various skill levels to create beautiful deliverables in the shortest amount of time.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to ramp up and be productive quickly in 3ds Max software.
  • Learn about tools that accommodate short deadlines.
  • Discover workflows throughout the pipeline that 3ds Max software provides to users of various levels for faster turnaround.
  • Target the tools for quick and easy turnover that 3ds Max software provides for your specific industry.



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