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From a 3D Plant Model to a Forge-Based OPC UA Connected Virtual Twin for Simulation

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    In this session, we will present a powerful service for automatic generation of process simulation models from 3D plant models (for example, AutoCAD Plant 3D software). The simulation service is based on the Open Ontology-based Integration Platform “Simantics.” Information of a 3D model is extracted to generate and configure a dynamic simulation model and to calculate pressure-loss coefficients. The Forge model can be used for process and control design, control system testing, operator training, and process optimization and troubleshooting. The generated simulation-based virtual twin can be connected automatically to the Forge platform, capitalizing on the OPC UA standard, and simulation data can be visualized in Forge. We will also show how one can interface measurement data to the same system and do comparison between simulated and measured data, enabling fault diagnostic and troubleshooting services in Forge. We will demonstrate a case example using a small laboratory process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learning about Forge usage in the process plant industry
    • Learn how to capitalize on the Open Ontology-based Integration Platform “Simantics”
    • Learn real-life use cases capitalizing on the industry-standard OPC AU technology
    • Learn about automatically creating a simulation model from a 3D plant model