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2 Fast 2 Furious? Avoid Problems Caused by Rapid Energy Turnaround with Autodesk GIS

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    This class demonstrates how ÜZ Lülsfeld, a regional German electric utility, is using AutoCAD® Map 3D software (on an Oracle® database) to meet the challenges of Germany's energy turnaround for utilities. No longer is it appropriate to use GIS only for as-built maps. Today's requirements include a flexible database with an open architecture, a programming interface, and easy-to-use (spatial) database functions. A modern GIS must also provide asset information and management with comprehensive reporting and analysis functions. AutoCAD Map 3D meets all of these requirements. We show examples of FDO and other database connections as well as integration with other applications, such as a network calculation program. We demonstrate how to create online as-built maps for third-party enterprises and mobile GIS (online and offline) to manage operational and breakdown services.

    Key Learnings

    • Avoid problems caused by the rapid energy turnaround by using AutoCAD Map 3D and other applications
    • Use mobile GIS based on MapGuide Open Source both online and offline for operational and breakdown services
    • Describe the practical interaction between AutoCAD Map 3D and other systems such as grid calculation or planning systems
    • Explain how to create interfaces to other enterprise applications, such as SAP®, IBM® Informix® databases, and WebGIS