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100% Utilization: The Cutting-Tool Conundrum

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    Underutilization stems from a variety of reasons, ranging from simply being uninformed or unaware, to misapplication while attempting to maximize existing cutting tools. The biggest area for improvement is the optimization of cutting tools, which can be done by paying closer attention to the various other manufacturing technologies at hand. Machine tool capabilities, materials being machined, and other manufacturing technologies—such as CAM programming abilities, high-pressure coolant capability, fixturing, small spindles (such as driven tools), and the like—should all be considered and used. No matter the reason, even the smallest of companies now have tools and technology at their disposal to assist in making better cutting tool choices while considering the manufacturing technologies. A lot has changed recently in the world of manufacturing, and cutting tool production is no different.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to increase manufacturing throughput.
    • Learn about reducing defects and non-conformities.
    • Learn about reducing resource consumption.
    • Learn how to improve quality and reliability.