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10 things that make Fusion 360 awesome

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    Fusion 360 is turning 10. In those ten years, Fusion 360 has helped both Alex Lobos and his students rethink the way CAD works, enabling new opportunities more effective, efficient, and most importantly, more creative and innovative. Lobos will share the top ten things that make Fusion 360 great. From direct modeling for communication design to collaboration, generative design, and more, he'll dive into how Fusion 360 makes an impact with specific design examples.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the many ways that Fusion 360 enhances design innovation, mechanical development, and collaboration.
    • Learn tools for achieving design intent such as solid, freeform, and surface modeling.
    • Discover the value of additional features such as Generative Design and Rendering.
    • Explore the benefits of integrating CAD and CAM as part of concept development.