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April 29, 2020

Top AU Resources for Architects

Architects working in the city

Buildings start as ideas, and architects are key to making them reality. Whether you’re making a house or a hospital, an auditorium or an office building, it’s the architects who listen to what’s needed, factor in all the requirements, develop the vision—then make it possible, balancing bold ideas and cold requirements, the beautiful with the necessary.

With the recent releases of AutoCAD 2021 and Revit 2021, what better time to highlight some top AU learning for the architects in our community. Let’s dive in. 


AutoCAD 2021 brings new integration with Google Drive, so you can open and save files without leaving AutoCAD. The new Drawing History feature lets you compare new drawings against previous versions. And that’s just the beginning. Check out these AU resources for AutoCAD:

• When it comes to coordinating AutoCAD documents, the Sheet Set Manager is your best friend, or at least it will be after spending some time with Sam Lucido’s Managing Your Sheets with the Sheet Set Manager and David Cohn’s Curing a Lack of Coordination—How to Use AutoCAD Sheet Sets.

• Learn how to manage settings, create keyboard shortcuts, modify dimension styles, and use layering commands to be more productive with Josh Watson and Matt Debord’s AutoCAD Tips and Tricks to Improve Efficiency.

• Even if you’re an AutoCAD power user, you might still learn a thing or two from Donnie Gladfelter. Discover new features, reduce steps for common tasks, and learn how to share files across platforms and devices with AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and More Delightful Drafting Techniques.


Revit 2021 brings a number of improvements based on your feedback, plus something big: generative design tools. That’s right, you can now bring the scale, speed, and precision of algorithmic problem-solving to your building design process directly within Revit. Generate, validate, and iterate ideas in new ways so you can get to better faster.

• Start with Dominique Aupy’s Generative Design for Complex Buildings: Optimizing Spaces and Flows with Dynamo and Refinery to learn how his team created and evaluated options for the flows of both people and products in a new hospital pharmacy.

• Next, check out Achintya Bhat and Andrea Springer’s Stadium Seating Bowl Optimization with Dynamo and Refinery. Learn how they used generative design to achieve the optimal arrangement of seats in a stadium, providing the best views for each spectator and the maximum number of seats.

• Turn your BIM models into immersive experiences, and use those experiences to improve your BIM models. David Weir-Mccall shows you how with The Architect, the Client, and the Game Engine: An Intro to Optimizing Workflows.

And we’re just warming up. You’ll find hundreds of recent classes about AutoCAD and Revit at Autodesk University. When you’re ready to learn, we’re ready, too.