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February 12, 2020

Top AU 2019 Classes for CAD and BIM Managers

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Whether or not your business card says CAD Manager or BIM Manager, if you’re the person who makes sure your team has the right software installed, the right hardware to run it, the right standards in place, and the right training lined up, then you’re playing that role. It may be your whole job, it may be something you do in between design projects, but someone has to wear that crown.  

It’s a unique role, to be sure. You’re part IT professional, part designer or engineer, part coordinator, part manager. You’re part tech geek and part camp counselor. You’re the one they turn to when something doesn’t work, and you probably don’t get a lot of attention when everything works well. It's especially important for you to stay a step or two (or three) ahead, with one eye on what’s needed today and the other on where things are headed next.

So, like everyone on your team, you need to keep learning. That’s where AU comes in. Check out these AU Las Vegas 2019 classes from and for CAD and BIM managers of all levels.

Classes for beginners

If you’re just starting on your CAD/BIM management journey, these classes can help you build the necessary skills.


Advancing further

When you’ve got a handle on the basics, level up with these classes.

  • In Automating Efficient and Profitable Digital Practice Management on Autodesk Products, Ravi Wood shows you how to encourage better collaboration, increase team efficiency, and monitor and improve model performance. He even introduces you to the possibilities of generative design.
  • If someone on your team is clicking 500 times to do the same tedious task over and over in Revit, chances are you can and should automate that process with Dynamo. Dynamo for BIM Managers: Managing Dynamo and Dynamo for Managing is a series of four classes that will show you how to evaluate what tasks are good candidates for automation, how to do the visual programming, and how to share those scripts with your team. It’s a (relatively) easy way to improve productivity for your whole squad. Basic beginner understanding of Dynamo is recommended.


Avoiding mistakes

These classes will help you learn from the mistakes of others and find a better way.


And more

After all that learning, treat yourself to something fun—The AutoCAD World Cup—and discover the best commands in AutoCAD, as determined by live voting during this AU Las Vegas class. You may even learn a few commands that you didn’t know.

These classes are just the tip of the iceberg. At the AU website, you’ll find many other classes for CAD and BIM managers from AU Las Vegas 2019 alone. They’re all free and available on demand. When you’re ready to learn, we’re ready, too.