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February 3, 2021

More Data, Better Decisions: Playing Moneyball in Construction

Colleagues with laptop at construction site

Baseball and construction may not have much in common, but they both produce a lot of data. In its raw form, that data has only limited value. But if you can analyze it and extract insights, you can make better decisions, which can lead to better results. In baseball, that’s called playing moneyball, and the outcome is more wins. In construction, the same approach can help you build better buildings and improve margins.

Eric Thomas of Autodesk sat down with Josh Bone, Executive Director of ELECTRI, the research arm for the National Electrical Contractors Association, for a talk about how specialty contractors and others in construction can benefit from construction data.

Here's a taste of what Josh shares during the talk: “It’s a unique time in construction. We’re on the precipice of industrialization of our industry. You look at other manufacturing fields—automotive, agriculture—they industrialized 100 years ago, during the second or third industrial revolution. We’re industrializing now, during the fourth industrial revolution. And data is such a big part of that fourth industrial revolution." Check out the podcast.

The new additions to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) make it even easier to integrate data from BIM models and construction processes and draw insights that can help you reduce costs, increase quality, and improve predictability and safety.

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