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January 22, 2020

Modular Gets Popular: New Approaches to Off-Site Construction

Modular construction factory

Modular construction isn’t exactly new—you could buy a mail-order home kit from Sears in 1908. But with BIM and other digital technologies, plus recent advances in precision manufacturing, modular construction is entering a new phase—one that allows for greater customization, more efficiency, and better buildings.

Construction Dive has started a new series exploring the realities and the possibilities for off-site construction today. Their recent column explores the promise of modular for the hospitality industry in particular, an industry that is working to meet increased demand while also facing a shortage of construction workers to build new hotels. Modular strategies offer a great solution.

As the column reports, a modular approach can significantly accelerate your construction schedule. And the inherent qualities of modular—such as great sound insulation—are perfect for hotels. But there are challenges. Lenders can be wary. And you’ll want to find subcontractors that are familiar with modular workflows to get the best results at the least cost.

Modular construction leader Skystone is also featured in the piece. And they were also featured in the General Session at AU Las Vegas 2019. In case you missed it, check out our article Building a Better World: Automation, Innovation, and Intentional Design or watch the AU 2019 General Session recording.

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