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June 1, 2022

Innovation for Change: Autodesk FY22 Impact Report

Heirloom Carbon Technologies, an Autodesk Foundation impact investment recipient, is a start-up bringing to market a cost-effective, scalable direct air capture carbon dioxide removal solution.

Technology has brought us many benefits, but in some cases significant negative impacts as well—for people and our planet. From carbon-based fuels driving climate change to industrial waste hurting the health of individuals and the broader ecosystem, various technologies can be seen as a root cause of some of the biggest global problems we face today.

Innovation can help us solve those problems. As research scientist and author Andrew MacAfee pointed out in a conversation with Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost at AU, the United States actually consumes fewer resources today than it did 50 years ago—not just per capita, but overall. And that’s thanks to continued innovation—looking for better ways to make and build with less.

Autodesk has released its FY22 Impact Report, highlighting what we’re doing as a company and what our customers are doing to create a better world for all. And AU has many resources to help every designer, architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractor, and owner gain the insights and skills needed to innovate for positive impact. Check out these classes, Theater talks, and articles to get started:

Energy and materials

By making better choices with the materials and energy we use, we can reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Health and resilience

By creating places and products that are safer, healthier, and more resilient, we can adapt and survive the changes and challenges all around us.

Diversity and training

By teaching the skills that the workers of tomorrow will need, implementing a culture of lifelong learning, and actively promoting diversity and inclusion, we can ensure a well-equipped workforce where equity matters.

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