Diversity Builds the Workforce of Tomorrow

Diversity Builds the Workforce of Tomorrow

We can solve the labor shortage in construction through more inclusive hiring


According to a recent McKinsey report, 88% of contractors have experienced moderate to high levels of difficulty finding skilled workers, and 35% said they turned down work because they couldn’t find skilled labor. One way to solve the problem? Increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring. Dr. Giovanna Brasfield shares her personal experience on this topic, relating how her high school career counselor discouraged her from pursuing college because of her race and gender. Two PhDs later, Dr. Brasfield shares how increasing DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is a business imperative that can help companies attract new talent, build greater loyalty, increase innovation, and win more work.

About the speaker

Dr. Giovanna Brasfield is the vice president of Project Diversity and Inclusion, Southwest Division, Flatiron Construction. She ensures contractual requirements are met related to inclusive business practices and diversifying the local workforce. She also enjoys connecting with youth about careers in STEM and construction. She holds two doctoral degrees, in public administration and organizational leadership.

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