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May 9, 2019

Digitizing Construction: Skanska Blazes a New Trail

As the fifth-largest construction company in the world, Skanska has long led the industry in the deployment of new technologies to improve outcomes, completing projects more quickly and efficiently while reducing costs and improving sustainability. And their journey is just beginning.

Redshift’s recent article, Construction Giant Skanska Sweden Has Big Plans to Go Completely Digital by 2023, details the company’s efforts to use new digital technologies to reduce costs and accelerate schedules even further. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to new IoT sensors and immersive technologies like VR and AR, the company is pushing the envelope to deliver better results for customers. Skanska is also demonstrating how innovation can deliver bottom-line benefits in an industry that’s been notoriously slow to adopt new solutions. As the piece reveals, while deploying the technology provides challenges, the hardest part is helping people on the team accept new approaches and implement new workflows.

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Given their role as an industry leader, it should come as no surprise that Skanska featured in multiple sessions at AU Las Vegas in 2018. Build your skills and awareness of important industry trends with this AU learning content.

Beyond Preconstruction: VR and BIM 360 Empowering Collaboration in a Global Company

Skanska is using VR in construction to better facilitate collaboration and clash resolution, as well as demonstrate design intent in an immersive way. Kelsey Stein and Henrik Ljungberg of Skanska, with Dave Tyner of Autodesk, led this remarkable class at AU 2018, showing their workflow from Revit to VR.

"The beauty of an immersive environment is that it enables us to collaborate in real time. That saves us time and money.” —Kelsey Stein, Preconstruction Technology Manager, Skanska

And don't miss the dynamic AU 2018 Theater presentation from Kelsey Stein and Dave Tyner (video: 10:38 min.) on the same topic, focused more on the why than the how.

Workflows to Successfully Implement BIM 360 Ops and Capitalize on BIM Visualization

Skanska recently implemented BIM 360 Ops for a client managing a luxury condominium in Boston, MA. Mike Zeppieri and Lisa Neal share the lessons they learned and the workflows they developed in their AU industry talk.

Get That Animation into VR: A Case Study of Capitol Tower

Houston’s Capitol Tower was designed by Gensler and is currently being built by Skanska. They brought on Tiltpixel to create an immersive 360 VR tour using leading animation techniques. Tiltpixel’s Ramy Hanna shows you how the work got done and explores the different uses and applications for VR in his industry talk.